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الخميس 21 رجب 1442   |   Thursday 04 March 2021

Time to look for alternatives on home ownership?


Conventional thinking dictates that each family in this country should own a home. That has been an acceptable norm as a roof over one’s head is considered a basic necessity. A house is an appreciating asset that can possibly be passed down for generations. Home ownership has been relatively affordable for many years as income levels increase with economic growth.


Household Debts: Where Do We Go From Here?

household debt

Much has been said about the high level of household debts in the country. Overspending, increasing cost of living, property and automobile purchases are the main contributors to the prevailing level of household debts. We can make a case that housing loan is a “good” debt as property is a form of investment. Over time, property value appreciates, particularly those at strategic locations. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about car loan as car is a liability as the value depreciates over time. However, for this discussion, let’s assume that we can justify for a car loan, by stating that a car is a basic necessity. In many cases, a car is a necessity for a household due to poor public transportation, even more so for family with kids or elderly parents.


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Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) yang didaftarkan pada 22 Oktober 2009 adalah pertubuhan dakwah, tarbiah dan kebajikan yang prihatin terhadap urusan-urusan kehidupan masyarakat umum sejajar dengan ajaran dan cara hidup Islam. IKRAM berusaha untuk menegakkan syariat Islam di Malaysia sebagai rahmat kepada seluruh alam. .




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